What is DEPA Connections?

DEPA Connections is a boutique "issues driven" B2G and B2B consultancy that aims to develop, build and nurture relationships between Australian (and regional based) businesses and Australian (Federal and State) Governments.


What services does DEPA Connections offer?

DEPA Connections specialises in business-to-government (B2G), government-to-business (G2B) and business-to-business relationships (B2B).


B2G and G2B involves a range of activities including marketing products and services to various government levels; providing a platform for businesses to respond to and bid on government RFPs or RFIs; and helping government and associated organisations source the best business partners.


B2B also involves activities including developing business specific strategies
and communication programs; marketing products and services; and helping businesses source the best partners on either a short (project) or longer term basis.


DEPA Connections and its accredited affiliates offers high-level strategic advice, government and public relations, branding, marketing, advertising and web-based communications.


Who is DEPA Connections?

The two principals of DEPA Connections are Deb Beale and Paul Gardner.
They are both hands-on and involved in every aspect of the practice. Throughout their respective careers, both Deb and Paul have worked across a multitude of industries, businesses and associations and on many Government projects and accounts, under both Labor and Liberal Governments, Federal and State.

The copyright in all materials provided by DEPA Connections remains the property of DEPA Connections, unless agreed otherwise in writing, and may be used only for the express purpose for which they are provided.